Vera Angel Live Bacteria Probiotics 50 Billion CFU 63 count

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  • This once daily probiotic supplement contains Lactobaccilus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria for digestive health and constipation relief.
  • This dietary supplement has 50 billion CFUs and 16 probiotics for immune health. This 50 billion probiotic supplement comes in 63 one capsules daily; does not require refrigeration.
  • Digestive Health and Immune System Support: Replenish beneficial bacteria to improve digestive and immune health, further support vitamin production, and promote daily relief.
  • BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: Did you know that there is such a thing as healthy gut bacteria? It's true. Gut's healthy microbiota plays some important roles, including crowding out unhealthy bacteria, increasing mineral absorption, and improving overall health. Bifidobacterium are the main genera of bacteria that make up the gastrointestinal tract and are one of the main ingredients present in this supplement.
  • BEST IF USED BY-06/2021

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