Sun-In Hair - Lightener Spray Lemon Fresh 4.70 oz (Pack of 2)

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  • LIGHTER, SUMMER HAIR ANYTIME: Sun-In gives you the same natural highlights you get from the sun?only faster. Sun-In is heat activated, so just spray in and let the sun OR your hair dryer do the work.
  • EASY SPRAY-IN HAIR LIGHTENER: Mist your damp hair with this citrusy, lemon scented hair spray after showering, giving it a shinier, lighter appearance. Get lighter hair without a trip to the salon!
  • CONDITIONS WHILE IT LIGHTENS: Sun-In's advanced conditioning system includes botanical extracts & special illuminators that give hair an extra dose of shine. Contains real lemon juice & alcohol free.
  • SUNKISSED BLONDE STYLE: Mist your hair with Sun-In before blow drying and styling for that sun-kissed summer look. Lighten your natural highlights and leave your hair smelling citrus fresh and shining.
  • SUN-IN GIVES RESULTS: Looking for those natural, vacation highlights without the large price tag? Sun In is your year-round go-to spray-in hair lightener. It's fast and easy with or without the sun.

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