RYDOR - Flea Tick Collar Cats – 8 Months Flea Tick Treatment Cats

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What makes our fleas and ticks repellent is the most effective way to protect your beloved cat? – RYDOR flea collar for cats helps you and your kitty fight against those harmful fleas, ticks, and other harmful pests easily with no toxic or chemical ingredients. With Cintronella oil and other natural essential ingredients, RYDOR flea protection collar can ensure safety and treatment to your kitty for the whole 8 months. – It saves your money from monthly drops or flea shampoo and it can be fit to all size cats from small one to even large one. THE BEST WAY TO USE: Firstly, give your cat a bath and try to kill as many adult fleas as you can, then put the collar in your cat’s neck with good adjustment. Secondly, keep your cat in clean places and away from other flea-infested cats. We hope these tips are useful for you.

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