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When it comes to the challenges you face every day, getting dinner on the table is always near the top of the list. Not only do you want the meal to be healthy and taste good but you want it to be fast and simple to prepare. As straightforward as that sounds, somehow in the midst of a busy life the task seems nearly impossible. In Meals Made Easy, the first in a series of Real Simple cookbooks, you'll find smart and doable dinnertime solutions for every night of the week, no matter how little time (or how few ingredients) you have.Even better, these are dishes the whole family will love yes, including your children.Featuring more than 75 foolproof recipes, all illustrated with large, lush photos, Meals Made Easy is custom-made for your life, with chapters dedicated to: Dishes that can be prepared and ready in 30 minutes or less Freezer-friendly dinners to make ahead of time and eat whenever Cuisine that calls only for a cutting board no cooking necessary Meals you can cobble together using the items in your pantry Recipes that require just one pot (and blessedly very little cleanup time) In addition, the book features insightful cooking tips on every page, a chapter on versatile side dishes, and a comprehensive, easy-to-use recipe index. Whether you have only 15 minutes until the kids invade the kitchen or only a hunk of Parmesan and cold pasta in the refrigerator, Meals Made Easy is sure to become your go-to guide for nightly meal planning.

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