Premium Kitchen Tong Set - Small 9" and Large 12" Inch

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  • BEST 2 SET PROFESSIONAL MULTIFUNCTION TONGS Essential cooking accessories for home or commercial kitchens. Both 9 and 12 inch tongs are made from super strong, thick stainless steel, with robust silicone tips. Heat resistant up to 400 degrees high in temperature, tough wearing and stain resistant. For all cookery, baking and serving needs in the house, on the stove, on a griddle. Use them anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Use for BBQs at the beach, in the garden, or on holiday.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED HANDLES  Soft, flexible grips with thumb and forefinger mold designed to give you complete grip and control. Perfect aid for anyone who suffers from arthritis of the hands. Locking clips easily open and close tongs. A gourmet cooks favorite companion. Ideal gift for weddings, birthdays, Christmas etc.
  • SAFE FOR ALL YOUR COOKWARE AND BAKEWARE Innovative, heat-resistant, food grade silicone that is 10 times stronger than normal silicone, which means these tongs will last a lifetime, never fail and never damage your kitchenware. Use confidently with ANY appliances, such as Enamel, Teflon coated, Glass, Pyrex and even nonstick products.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE - Lightweight and easy to clean, just wash with soap and water and leave to drain, or throw into the dishwasher. Tongs easily lock into vertical shape with locking clip to store flat in the tightest of kitchen drawers. Or use convenient hanging hole on each tong to store on hooks.

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