Portable - Air Cooler USB Oval Air Conditioner Fan Mini Water Cooling Fan Conditioner - gray

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Pleasant Cool Wind:
Just add water to the water tank and plug in power, you can enjoy the cool air. The effect of iced water is better.
3 Adjustable Wind Speeds
You can choose Low-Medium-High wind level. The maximum wind speed can reach 3.5m/s.
Humidifying Function
Under the water-free state, it can be used as a fan and can be used as a humidifier when there is water to keep the surrounding air moist and free from dry skin.
380mL Water Tank
Uncover the top cover to add water, a built-in small funnel makes it not easy to leak when adding water. (Note: Do not exceed the water level when filling water)
LED Colorful Night Light
Choose your favorite color to enhance your lifestyle and meet your sleep needs.
High-density Water Absorption Curtain
Dust-proof water absorption curtain effectively filters and purifies the dust particles in the air, making the blown wind fresh and natural.
Portable Handle
It can be hanged on a wall or placed on a table, which is not limited to location. Easy and convenient carrying, perfect for home and office.
Low Noise
Uses inertial air supply technology to make the motor quieter.

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