INLAIER Mini Talking Robot

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  • Tap the robot head button twice, then start talking and the robot will repeat what you say with colorful flashing lights. His eyes flash when he hears you speak and the color of eyes will change when you touch his head.
  • All the joints of this Talking Robot are 360°rotatable and ABS plastic at the arm joints, The toy robot is tough because it's made from double die-cast posable metal body. No worry about that it will break up by children, so you can change my postures to be a decoration, phone holder or pen rack (The arm weighs 100g).
  • These LED robot toys for kids 5 and up have bright LEDs and a fun, I have seven flashing modes. Tap the power button once or twice, I will begin to work. If you touch my forehead, I will change the colors of my eyes and make many kinds of voice.

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