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  • PREMIUM LI-ION BATTERY - High quality Lithium Ion batteries provide many recharge cycles. Lithium batteries have a long life and hold their charge while not in use. Packing 6,000 mAh into such a small package this unit is truly an example of refined modern battery technology.
  • ULTRA SLIM DESIGN - Ultra slim 1 cm. thickness provides the ultimate in portability. Thinner than most wallets, this will easily fit in your pocket or in a purse.
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIABLE - Charge this battery pack with any standard micro USB cable and charger! Connect almost any device with the standard USB output! Got and iPhone? Android or Windows phone? They all work with this ultra slim battery pack.
  • EXTRA TIME! - Despite is ultra slim design, this battery packs 6,000 mAh of capacity, That's double the mAh of most modern smartphones! It's good for up to 29 hours of web browsing, 37 hours of talk time, 133 hours of music or 29 hours of video.

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