American crew classic gray shampoo, 8.45 oz

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If you're looking for a way to brighten your grey hair into a shining silver, then American crew gray shampoo may be one of the hair care products you're looking for. Products like this shampoo are specially formulated to help remove yellow tones. This shampoo can help bring health and luster back to your locks. The color in our hair fades as the pigment cells in our follicles die. This typically happens as we age. Lighter hair such as white or silver is more susceptible to various things, like chlorine, that can lead to changing color. The right shampoo can help protect your hair from this process. While shampoo can't prevent the natural changing of hair color, it can remove the buildup that leaves it looking dull or unusual colors. Without the buildup of products or chemicals, your hair is free to shine. The steps are simple. Wet your hair all the way through, apply a small amount and massage in, and then rinse thoroughly. You can repeat the process as often or as little as you like.American Crew - Gray Shampoo - 8.4 Oz

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